The Pigeons of San Jose

Yesterday, we explored San Jose. The pedestrian walking streets were very cool, with many stores and people on the street trying to sell us stuff. The pigeons are very interesting in this city. They are fearless of humans. There was a huge flock of pigeons all eating a huge mound of bird food someone had thrown on the ground. A lady was motioning for me to come over to her in the middle of the flock, so I did, not really knowing what she wanted. She motioned for me to put my arm out as she dumped bird seed on my hand and arm. Immediately, a few pigeons landed on my arm, eating the seeds out of my hand. I was a little grossed out and scared of these birds, but I noticed many people – even little kids – were partaking in this practice. It was very cool to see how unafraid these birds were. The lady took a picture of me with the birds and after was trying to sell it to me as well as bird seed. It was interesting that people in San Jose can use these pigeons as a way to make a profit. No one talks about it, but Pigeons seem to be a big part of the city.

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