Animal Rescue Ranch

Today we went to the Toucan Rescue Ranch to visit an animal rescue center! It was so great to see so many different animals that I never would have the chance to see up close!

This nonprofit organization was absolutely incredible to visit. They rescue animals from all over Costa Rica to help rehabilitate them. Then later on, if possible, the animals are released back into the wild. They are the only rescue center that also breeds animals for release back into the wild!

The facilities started off with just rescuing toucans, before it began to grow and grow into all sorts of animals! The rescue ranch is ran by a husband and wife, along with other helpers.

My favorite animal to see was the sloth! They had different levels for the sloths to get them ready to be released back into the wild! The sloths would move from preschool to primary school to high school to university, before being released back into the wild!

They were so cute just hanging around. They liked to eat flowers for treats!

The other animal I really enjoyed was the otter! It hung out in a small water habitat complete with a waterfall and slide. The otter also has toys in the habitat to play with! The center is waiting for the otter to have a mate (or a friend!) before it is released back into the wild. If the otter is released alone, it will not be able to survive because it will be lonely and may go looking for humans again. Until then, the otter gets to enjoy its exhibit!

I thought the ranch was very, very cool! It was great to see how animals are being protected and cared for in a very natural way in Costa Rica! I would love to bring my family here when we come back to Costa Rica!

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