Sloths, Monkeys, and Toucans, Oh My!

Today, my classmates and I went to the Toucan Rescue Ranch. This ranch had all types of animals, most of which were native to Costa Rica. We saw a bunch of sloths, ranging in age, toucans, spider monkeys, owls, and a lot of different animals. The tour guide told us how each of the animals were rescued and how they are doing everything they can to release the animals again. The Toucan Rescue Ranch provided a safe place for animals who were abused, hurt, or unable to survive in the wild. They provide the animals with everything they need to regain their strength and be released back into the wild, and if they find that an animal is unable to survive in the wild they make sure the animals have everything they need to be comfortable living in the enclosures.

It was incredibly fascinating seeing all of the animals so close and learning all about them. Seeing how much the workers truly care about the safety of animals and how they have dedicated their lives to these precious animals is inspiring to me.

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