The Rain

When it rains in Costa Rica, it pours! The rain here is unlike the US. In my hometown in New York, it may rain heavy every once in a while and our basement will flood. Here, it rains hard almost every single day. It is almost the same every day, sunny and warm during the day and at 3-4 it starts to downpour. It is very important to carry an umbrella or rain jacket with you at all times, because it will start raining when you least expect it. Today, for example, it was the last day of culture class. I had my rain jacket in my backpack and right before I left to walk to class, I took it out to lighten the load. It was warm and sunny so I did not expect to need it. About 20 minutes into class I heard a crack of thunder and suddenly it started to pour. And by pour I mean you couldn’t run 20 feet outside without getting drenched. What I have noticed is that Costa Rica has excellent drainage systems. Every road has a trench on the side for the rain to run into. The sewers do not overflow and cars and motorcycles know not to get too close to the edge of the road. This is unlike New York, where if it rains that hard, there will be flooding. No wonder Costa Rica has such great biodiversity and so many different kinds of fruit. Plants here can get plenty of sunlight and plenty of water every single day, naturally. Being here for 3 weeks now, I have adjusted to the rain, and I am also not afraid to get a little wet!

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