Toucan Rescue Ranch

The Toucan Rescue Ranch was an awesome place that rescued animals, some the rehabilitate and release to the wild. We saw monkeys, sloths, owls, toucans, river otters and more. It was such a cool experience to see the sloths in person. I have seen pictures of sloths before, but never them in real life. In spanish, the name for sloth is “perezoso,” which means lazy, and I can see why! Our tour guide brought us to the sloth home and took one out to eat a flower. She slowly made her way to the flower, ate it and then immediately crawled back into bed with the other sloths. It was cool to see how they all slept together and were friends. The guide also told us that sloths can be mean. This surprised me because for some reason I assumed they were friendly animals. She said that they have sharp teeth and are not afraid to bite. The sloths were also very cute but also ugly at the same time! Overall, this was a great experience and we all learned a lot about this ranch and the animals in it.

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