Wildlife Rescue Center

Yesterday I visited the Wildlife Rescue Center and it was very fun! I got to see all different types of animals that were rescued in Costa Rica and I finally got to see a sloth! The sloths were very interesting and now I know why they are deemed the slowest mammal on earth, because they are VERY slow, but they will wake up and move if they are offered a flower as a snack. I also learned that sloths do not drink water. They obtain all of their water by eating leaves and other vegetation. The rescue center feeds the sloths cooked carrots and green beans because these fruits are packed with water especially after they are boiled. Also, I learned the sloths sleep around 10 hours a day unless they are in a zoo. If sloths are kept in a zoo they often average around 20 hours of sleep a day because they are bored and do not need to try to find food. Also, when sloths have to use the bathroom they climb down from the tree, but this only happens once every one or two weeks. When the animals finally use the bathroom they can lose up to 30% of their body weight. As you may have noticed I found the sloths very fascinating, but there were also many animals to see at the rescue center. Another animal that was very cool to see up close were the Toucans. There are 6 types of toucans in Costa Rica and they are beautiful birds with very vivid colors! This is also the only place in the world that breeds toucans to be released into the wild. If you ever come to Costa Rica I highly recommend going to the wildlife rescue center because it helps fund the center to save tons of animals!

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