Exploring The Heart of Heredia

One of the most fun activities I’ve gotten to do so far was taking a tour of downtown Heredia. My roommate and I live pretty close by, so we can definitely do some more local shopping during freetime. I enjoyed shopping for fresh fruit at the local supermarket. Afterwards my group and I got to explore the church, park, and mini museum dedicated to President Alfredo González Flores. It’s an incredible and highly important to remember local history because it only makes exploring a new place that much more interesting.


Afterwards, we all got to eat the fruit we bought and each of them were some of the best friends I’ve ever had. Other than the fruit, the beef and potatoes were with a tortilla de maíz was incredibly tasty and I can’t stop craving the fried plantano fritos with friojles.

The love of Costa Rica is definitely within the food, and I can’t recommend enough for others to try it themselves so that they’ll have the same experience I did.


PURA VIDA 20180626_155110

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