!Bienvenido de Granda!


Welcome to my blog post about my adventures in Granada, España ( Granada, Spain). To keep a level of authenticity to my adventures and also to practice Spanish I will be using Spanish words or phrases to describe things. So, get your dictionary and enjoy the storytelling of my first week in Granada.

To narrate this story correctly I must introduce important people.

Mi Segundo Familia


My 2nd family is great and they treat me amazingly. They are helping me practice and perfect my Spanish. My sister name is Clara and she is incredibly smart. She speaks English, Spanish, and French fluently. Mi Segundo Madre Adela (my second mother Adela)  is extremely cool and always fun. My roommate Victoria is a beautiful girl from San Diego, California and speaks Spanish almost fluently. In a small amount of time, Victoria and I have become close friends.

Adventure Time!

The first day I arrived I experienced my first adventure. My host family and I walked from their home (my temporary home) to a place called Albaicín. Albaicín is a neighborhood that is close to a famous palace called the Alhambra. The name is Arabic because it was built during the period when the Arabs ruled. The neighborhood sits on top of a hill and one can see the entire city of Granada. Albaicín still has a strong Arabic influence. The stores have authentic items such as hookah, traditional Arabic clothing, mosaic lamps, etc.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetIMG_4998

I was able to visit the palace Alhambra the following day. The palace is unlike any other royal monument. The architecture is magnificent. You can see the importance of every small detail in the palace from Arabic phrases being carved into the walls or stars being carved into the ceiling to reflect a stary night in the room below. The palace is huge and is surrounded by decadent gardens. Becoming lost in the Alhambra palace would not be too difficult. The palace also oversees the city of Granada.


Some of the artifacts/architecture inside the palace.



After a packed filled week of visiting historic monuments in Granada, I was able to travel to a nearby city and visit the beach. The city we visited was called Nerja which is an hour from Granada. The beach in Nerja was absolutely beautiful and was surrounded by an old town. Afterward, we visited another beach nearby in a city called Frigiliana y La Herradura. The beach was surrounded by a town of white houses and plants. The towne was very picturesque and had a long history of war between Arabs and Catholics. IMG_1224IMG_1210.JPGIMG_1167.JPG

This past week in Granada has been an amazing and tiring adventure. I have been adjusting to the 6 hour time difference while having a packed day of activities. So far I am completely in love with the city and I’m already planning my return for next year. This concludes my amazing first week in Granada, Spain. Hasta pronto! (See you soon) or until the next blog post.

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