And so the adventure begins…

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to try this whole blogging thing out. Hopefully I’ll be able to send some laughter or good advice your way! I spoke with a friend a few weeks ago about social media and how negatively it has become in terms of fake realities and illusions. I hope through this attempt at blogging I am able to capture all the realities- -the good, the bad, and all things in between. I’ve been in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a week and a half now, but I’ve been in South America for two and a half months. For now I’ll be focusing on Buenos Aires, but if all goes well I’ll be adding my previous adventures in Chile to the mix as well. Even though I’ve been gone from home for what feels like ages, time is flying by.

The cold was a serious adjustment, especially considering I’m from Texas and not even sure we have a true winter. It’s been pretty rainy here which has made exploring a little difficult, but I did get to try the famous Yerba mate drink the other day! A quick rundown for you…Mate leaves are dried, chopped, and made into a powder like product similar to tea. It’s usually placed in a gourd with hot water and poured as each person in the group drinks from it. It’s mostly a socializing drink and although I was not a fan of the taste I love the tradition and purpose behind it. Mate is an everyday activity for the majority of Buenos Aires.

Speaking of daily activities, the subte (public subway system) is one that’s unavoidable. For someone that is notorious for getting lost, I’m actually quite proud of myself. I was able to do a triple line change by myself without getting lost. This victory was short lived however, since my roommate and I got the real experience as their winter break came to an end. For the past few mornings we have literally fought our way onto the subte with the other 1000 people struggling to do the same. Once we manage to push our way on the fun continues…arms stuck to my side, face pressed up against the glass, and gasping for fresh air since I’m short and stuck at armpit level. It’s a serious struggle, but since it’s part of everyday life I make every effort to find some humor in it.

Here’s just a few more funny memories that I feel deserve mentioning…

  • First days of school aren’t complete without a little mess. My roommate and I walked halfway down the street before realizing she was still in her old man house shoes.
  • My accent is so terribly noticeable that when I told someone “lo siento” the other night they came running after asking what part of America I was from.
  • My host mom is trying to learn English and while demonstrating a southern accent with the phrase “my truck has a flat” she completely misunderstood flat for fart. We were all crying as she acted out the scenario.

Despite my subte struggles, it has been great here. This city has a unique South American vibe that I’ve come to really enjoy. There are little cafes, artesanal markets, and live music everywhere. I’ve only just started exploring the city so I don’t have any super awesome details yet, but the old architecture, historical influences, and cultural traditions are definitely unique and captivating. Below I added a few pictures of the city and my adventuring thus far.

Stay tuned for more details!

Caminito in La Boca                            Museo de Arte Tigre           

Catedral de San Isidro

     Casa Rosada                                           El Ateneo

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