Exploring the Barrios

Hi everyone!

I really can’t believe I only have a week left in this gorgeous city. Like I said before, time is just flying and as much as I miss home my looming departure has me in some serious feels.

This place is full of crazy combinations of their own culture and foreign influence that mesh in the best of ways. I love how you can walk down the street and pass a series of buildings that range from a modernized skyscraper to a beautifully preserved church nestled between street cafès and markets. There’s always something going on and I have to remind myself constantly to slow down and just take in the day for what it is.

I’ve been exploring these past few weeks and want to shed some light on a few of my favorite areas. Buenos Aires is split into 48 barrios. The best comparison I can make is something similar to what a district would be like in the United States. It’s big enough to have its own vibe, but no bigger than a series of large neighborhoods.


I’m convinced Palermo is probably my favorite barrio. It’s buildings are upbeat and covered with all different types of art ranging from eccentric spray painted alleys to elegant murals of high class women. It also has a botanical garden and park area that’s comparable to Central Park. This is definitely your place if you’re looking to explore, walk around, and find something great to eat.

San Telmo:

Although I’ve only been here once, it deserves to be mentioned because it’s one of the oldest areas in the city and hosts an incredible market every Sunday. It files down a single street for countless blocks and is teaming with all walks of life. It’s the best place to find unique gifts, historical buildings, and street tango performances.


This is another beautiful area that is full of important buildings (President’s office, financial district, and the Metropolitan Church), art appreciation, and a cafè or ice cream shop on every corner. Honestly, I think cafés and ice cream shops play a huge factor in my love for this place. Back on topic, the amazing Teatro Colon, which is one of the most famous opera houses in the world is also located in this area. I was able to watch the La Viuda Alegre ballet performance…it was amazing and so much fun! Highly recommend for anyone, even those not super into theatre performances. It’s just a great experience to be a part of.

La Boca:

Home to the famous Caminito street with buildings full of color, little stands with anything you can think of, and parrillas at every turn. A bit touristy, but a must see nonetheless. La Bombonera stadium is also close by. Fun fact: when the team scores a goal the 6,000 fans sitting in the standing section all run down the stairs cheering and chanting. This insane celebration has earned the title avalanche for obvious reasons.

Puerto Madero:

This is probably the most modern of them all. It has tall skyscrapers and sits right next to Rio de la Plata. Most importantly, it’s where I had my first steak buffet (Siga la Vaca) and where I fell in love. You literally get to walk up, over and over again, while the cook hands you fresh cuts of every type of meat you could think of. It was amazing.


This is the barrio I’ve been staying in. It’s mostly residential and quite peaceful. My favorite part is definitely the huge circular park that’s only 10 minutes from here. It’s always teaming with people and on weekends they have a market set up with hundreds of different vendors.


Recoleta is home to the famous cemetery made up of extravagant statues, sarcophagi, coffins, and crypts. It’s truly beautiful and right outside is the Basilica Nuestra Senora del Pilar, the second oldest in the city, and a huge market full of gorgeous paintings and souvenirs.

The other barrios I’ve only visited once or twice. Regardless, they all have personalities of their own which makes exploring that much more fun. I’m honestly so sad that I’m leaving, but I’ve got a week left to eat, explore, and enjoy. So here’s to making the best of the time left!



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