One semester at Argentina Intro -Rosa Angela

Libreria El Ateneo, Buenos Aires

Leaving behind a family, friends and a life is not simple, especially being the first in your family and from friends who studies abroad. I always take advantage of the different opportunities that my family gave me, being a first generation student and a first generation immigrant, I really see studying abroad as the life changing opportunity and I would regret not having taken advantage of this having family, counselors and friends who support me and I am grateful that they believe in me. I couldn’t have done this without the Gilman, TELACU and the Sol Scholarship either, thank you! It is important to understand other cultures and how they differ from the United States or Mexican-American culture to which I have been exposed. To be a good interpreter, you must understand the context, not just the language, in addition to having a global experience with international connections. I am currently taking 6 courses, Tango class included, I am doing volunteer work on the side and working on my Latin American Certificate in a topic I am yet to choose at Universidad de Belgrano. Follow me in my experience traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina ❤

My Sol Director is Raul, the most passionate tour guide, dictionary, friend we will ever meet. He loves his jobs and really has been making the Sol experience the best! My Solmates group is small around 10 people (we all now very close and we go out together when we have no outings but we stick together no matter what), all coming from different states and backgrounds, it’s amazing how people come together to study abroad from different parts of the world.

I am also staying with a host family, a have a big room all to myself along with a private bathroom and big closet! We are provided breakfast and dinner. Be prepared to have toast with dulce de leche and big late dinners at Argentina! My host mom cooks very delicious meals too and has 2 lovely dogs, 2 sons, and 2 daughters who have been amazing to me!

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