Differences in the Spanish language between Mexico and Argentina

Coming to Argentina I was so confident in my Spanish speaking skills because everyone knows that I am very fluent, yet coming to Argentina the language itself has cultural differences. In a Native Spanish speaking country the linguistic community such as Mexico and Argentina and many other countries who speech Spanish, there is a heterogeneous speaking community with differences in values in the language itself and in the pronunciation with different accents. Everyone knows words that have different variants and learning the differences in variants in both Mexico and Argentina really make me reflect on the English language itself too. For example the word “now” is known by “ahorita” in Mexico but it would be weird if you say it in Argentina since they only hear “ahora” as part of their language culture. They are both correct but some are frequently used in some countries as my sociolinguistic professor commented to me. Another thing I learned is the translation of Pineapple, I would regularly say “Pina” in Mexico, although if I say “quiero una pina” I would be saying “I want to get punched” in Argentia therefore they say “quiero una Ananá” . The main thing is that we say “Vos” in Argentina instead of “tu” meaning “you” and we also greeted with one kiss on one cheek. I was used to greeting simply with a hug but no hugs here. I got corrected so much, not because my Spanish is wrong but it is different and my teachers and mentors are making me assimilate as a person living in Argentina in my daily. At the beginning of my time in Argentina, I would have conversation with Porteños where we both would stop and ask to repeat the phrase using different words until we got to an understanding. Here are a few words I have NOW came to say and learned, slowly I am becoming a real Porterño. I am excited to learn a new version of the Spanish language and would love to share these with you, myself as a Native Spanish speaker from Mexico and Coming to Argentina.

El BufetTenedor LibreBuffet
ChanclaOjotasFlip flops
Barrio PobreVillaThe ghetto
PiñaAnaná Pineapple
Centro CommercialShoppingThe Mall

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