Becoming Sick in Another Country

So far it has been about a week and a half since I landed at EZE airport to begin my semester long study abroad program in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Unfortunately, I was sick for the majority of the week and was only able to participate in a few activities and events before confining myself to my room with a box of Kleenex (or the Argentine brand of pañuelos, which is known as Elite). It is hard not to be a little disappointed considering that I had an elaborate list of plans and must-see destinations that I wanted to start checking off as soon as I hopped off the plane. Of course, becoming sick was not included in those plans, and I felt like I was wasting my time just lying in bed when I could have been sight-seeing! Still, I followed the doctor’s orders and stayed inside for a few days, even missing 2 full days of class while recovering, which I hope to make up the work for soon.

I can look at the positive side of this situation and say that it was a good opportunity to experience medical care and health systems in a different country. I am a pre-med student myself, so learning about international health care and clinic visits first hand proved to be a good window into the medical world that I may not have otherwise experienced. One of my directors took me to the office and helped me with all the paperwork and billing process for the doctor’s appointment, which was very helpful as my Spanish is not quite that advanced yet! Afterwards I took my prescription the Farmacity, a big pharmacy brand here in BA and am now on the route to getting better.

I will say that one of the most fun experiences I have had so far is riding the Subte, or the subway system here. That may sound crazy but we do not have a subway system in Detroit, so for me it was an entirely new experience using public transportation to get around the city! Now that I have mastered the Subte, the next step is to figure out the colectivo (bus) routes as well, although it seems quite a bit more complicated… 

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