Universidad de Belgrano

Getting to Universidad de Belgrano, I was so excited to learn about this building, the international students and the classes they had to offer. A fun fact is that this building is right in front of Albert Einstein house! Imagine having to pass by Albert Einstein’s house going to school! Very cool.. I mean casual… Universities here are called “Facultad” and this facultad, along with most universities are simply a building and does not have a campus that you can walk in with nature, very different then the universities in United States. The Universidad de Belgrado is a private university and it has small classes that are about ten people each class so it is more intimate and it is easy to get comfortable in class (we do have many in class presentations) and get more attention from the teachers. Also, before classes we have to swipe our student identification card before your first class as a way of proving attendance to class which is something different from the states. I am taking 6 classes total. Argentine Literature, Latin-American Literature, Cine Latinoamericano, Sociolinguistics, Tango Dance and a community service class. I am also working on a Latin American Certificate with a focus in Language interpretation with the help of my sociolinguistic professor. I am a student Mondays through Thursdays, a teacher on Fridays as part as a community service I am doing teaching English to kids in a poor neighborhood in Buenos Aires and I am a tourist on Saturdays and Sundays.

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