Academia Buenos Aires

Today I would like to talk a bit about my school, Academia Buenos Aires. I am starting my second month of classes here and I love going to class everyday. The class environment is completely different from what I am used to, as I have always gone to large public schools and now a large public university. In contrast, Academia is a small language school housed in just one building very close to the Plaza de Mayo. The building itself is very cute, and above the floors of classrooms there is also a terrace which is lovely to eat on during lunch break. The class sizes are tiny, for example we only have 3 students in my level right now, and the professors are able to give us a lot of individual attention, which is great!

Mornings usually start off by being buzzed into the building and then going up to the office to check my classroom number for the day as well as to grab a cup of coffee, tea, or mate (a traditional drink of Argentina). On Mondays I can grab a fresh medialuna as well, as there is always a large platter of them sitting out for the students and staff! Then I have class for a few hours, lunch break for 30 minutes, and class again. After school there are always optional activities and a sign-up sheet for those interested in them. A few examples of some after school activities I’ve attended so far are: a walking tour of La Boca, a trip to the Centro Cultural Kirchner, tango classes, Argentinian movie nights with empañadas, and more! I met many good friends through my classes and the activities as well, as the school is small so it is easy to get to know other exchange students quickly. Overall, I have been learning a lot of Spanish and enjoying the relaxed school environment very much! Now I have to get started on my weekend homework…

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