CR: 9/24 – 10/2

The last week of September marked an important landmark in my time here in Costa Rica since I officially finished up my first class at ULatina!

On our way to Manuel Antonio National Park (as described in my last blog post), we did make a quick stop at Playa Jacó to take some pictures but we did not get to enjoy the waves. Knowing that Playa Jacó was one of the prime spots for surfing competitions, we knew we had to take a trip back to enjoy the city of Jacó in all of its glamour. Our trip was our first one without Sol guidance but we managed to book an Airbnb and some of my peers got surfing lessons! I had a really amazing time there, the only thing I would change about this trip is ensuring that if an item is paid in USD among people, that the payback amounts are also in USD so that the price breakdown is accurate (:

Below is my picture of the beautiful morning on Jacó beach!

As for cultural activities that week, we visited a fair trade indigenous art store named Chietón Morén Museo y Mercadito de Artesanías in San Jose where our workshop detailed the process that a particular native plant undergoes to create a variety of plant-based commodities that help sustain the various indigenous communities that exist in Costa Rica. It was extremely informative workshop that demonstrated the importance of supporting local, fair-trade businesses, especially those whose profits go towards supporting communities that have historically been marginalized. In addition, we had a latin dance class where we danced a variety of different music genres like salsa, merengue, cumbia and bachata. I personally had a hard time learning the moves as I have never formally learned how to dance prior to this but now I feel adequately prepared to try some of these moves on the dance floor (:

I’m looking forward to planning out more fun weekend trips with my friends and creating more opportunities to explore the beauty of Costa Rica!

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