For my sol mates & director <3

Director- Raul De La Mano

Ever since I got down the plane and saw my director Raul, holding the Sol Abroad Program sign he automatically made it feel like home and he really does have a passion for sharing his hometown to us. On the way to meeting our host parents, he told us the do’s and dont’s in Argentina. Such as how we greet with kissing on only ONE cheek and Dont’s like if they offer mate to you, you do NOT move the straw under any circumstances. Many fun facts, he gave us maps and a brief overview of the city and I just knew he was filled of experience with the history and culture and I couldn’t wait to learn all about it. He is also very lovable and energetic, sometimes us sol mates laugh because he seems like our dad in the way he teaches us life lessons, history and gets excited to take our group pictures. We’ve had to much fun during this abroad experience and we surly are never going to forget about Raul. Thank you Raul for sharing all your knowledge to us! 

Rebecca Voler– Reinholds, Pennsylvania.  Physics Education Major at Elizabethtown College 

Rebecca is such a perfectionist in everything she does. She’s a bit clumsy for always getting lost around the places we visit. But the best thing you can do in a new country is get lost. Am I right? Nothing more fun then getting lost. She loves talking about her family and is a really caring person. She’s unique in many ways with her sarcasm, manners and I love working with her in my classes since we get the best grades in presentations, we have to stick together!

Anisha Laddha– Detroit, Michigan. Wayne State with Major: Kinesiology

Anisha is the other Sol Scholarship Recipient Winner! She’s a really beautiful girl with big eyes! She joined a month late to the group. But better late then never! She’s the only sol mates who is going to a different school in (Academia in Buenos Aires) in which she also mentions in one of her blogs! It’s a shame she was sick the majority of her first month but she managed to finally get better about now. It’s actually an irony because she is also a pre-med student and our pre med sol mate was ill most of the time. Anyways we have her to give us those medical advice if we ever need them!

Andrew Butkovich– Columbus, Ohio. University of Kentucky. Spanish-Economics major

Andrew is a really cool guy with many fun facts to say. Charismatic and a good listener. One thing he surly got from Argentina is that he got the nickname “Chad” from Priscila and now everyone calls him Chad within us Sol mates as a inside joke. Andrew was also quick to learn Tango from only one tango class! Although he’s not a dancing kind of person but I think he should! He loves Dunkin Donuts and is always willing to join the group adventures when we decide to go out without a Sol outings. 

Gabriela Scolio– Woodstock IL, Xavier University , Major: Environmental Studies and History

Gabriela is our Vegan queen. She has the brightest blue eyes and the most loving person! There is not one person she doesn’t talk to, even in school. A social butterfly. Her host mother loves me and that is the cutest thing because her host mom never seen me in person. I loved going to get coffee with her because usually when you sit at a cafe shop for coffee, cookie always are included. So guess who gets to finish her cookies.. 

Marie Leone – From Oakland, CA, going to school in South Orange, NJ, at Seton Hall University studying Diplomacy and International Relations. 

Its pretty funny how Marie and I were actually in the same plane arriving to Buenos Aires. We obviously didn’t know each other but that is just a fun fact. We are also leaving together at the same time from Buenos Aires but not in the same plane again.. Marie is the photographer and journalist of the group she brought her Nikon D3400, and our director Raul always helps her get the right angles and shares all his knowledge about that camera! (They exchange many camera terms that I do not understand) Not only does Raul know tourism but is an expert in cameras. Marie is MY Tango dancing partner since we are taking tango classes together and we are going to perform our last day in school in the closing ceremony.. we are both nervous about that.

Erik Knatvold– Edmond, OK Oklahoma State University (the brightest orange in America) with major of Environmental Science

Erik, everyone envies Eriks dance moves and everyone wants to be Erik at least in our dance classes. He is basically the teacher in that class. You’d have a good time dancing with him because he makes you feel like you are flying when you dance with him as a follower in ways that you only have to feel him and the moves come out naturally. It’s no surprise he is co founder of a dance club in his home school.

Priscila Cruz – Tx A&M comm & international studies

Priscila makes me feel like home whenever I talk to her. Her family is also from Mexico and just talking to her makes me feel like I am talking to a sister. People in school have told me we look like each other and honestly that is a true compliment. She has a passion for music and a future DJ! Anything that has to do with music festivals she will NOT miss. She is just all about having fun even if it costs her only getting 4 hours of sleep per week. Just know we is truly enjoying Argentina. We do have one similar goal is the travel in all of Mexicos States one day after we are done traveling around the world.

Ill never forget my solmates! #SolMatesAbroad 

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