Let’s talk about the places Sol took us to, Fall 2019 Semester!

Let’s talk about the places Sol took us to, Fall 2019 Semester! We kept an organized google doc that scheduled our weekly activities. First and foremost after taking us to meet our host families and settling in, the following day Sunday we got picked up by a private bus and have us a brief overview of parts of the city had lunch and had a walking tour in the Feria of San Telmo which is only open on Sundays and which I had been going every other Sunday because it’s so cute and I got literally ALL my families presents from there! I bought stuff like, mates, boxes, hats, jewelry, fridge magnets, and MANY other Argentina souvenirs. The first place we visited was surely my favorite because of all the cute handmade souvenirs that made my gifts literally unique. After this we had Orientation the following day (I was so excited for this and pretty much everything). Sol also took us to Mate Club which I described in great detail in my previous blog. We went to the Recoleta Cemetery which is said to be the most important cemetery in the world, my favorite part was rubbing on one of the dogs statues nose which is said to make your wishes come true, even though it had a sad story behind it. (Our director gave us short stories behind every statue which I LOVED). We have also walked through the streets where author Jorge Luis Borges streets lived which was even named a street after him!! We have also gone to La Rural exhibition expo, Eva Perón Museum, we obviously went to a Tango show, since the dance Tango was BORN in this country. We also had a private Tango Class Sol prepared for us, even though I am already taking Tango classes at my facultad, but it was more fun dancing with my SolMates. We also went to the historical tunnels in San Telmo (you literally have to pass by the feria de San Telmo and best believe I took my time getting more souvenirs once again). We also went to El Tigre where we had a boat ride tour in this small town where you literally can’t go to the store, school etc without a boat if you lived in this community..… We went to Estancia Santa Susana where I rode my first horse ever, it was so scary but seeing how casually everyone was, I didn’t want to be the only one left out (YES, it was worth it). I only regret not getting my picture taken even though they have people taking pictures and all you have to do is purchase at the end. After riding the horses we watched traditional Argentine dance and listened to live music along with yummmy Argentine Asado, a true life as a Gaucho. We also traveled to another country together to Colonia, Uruguay on a boat traveling through Rio de la Plata, which is the widest river in the world! We went to the Teatro Colon, which is the main opera house in Buenos Aires and considered top ten in best opera houses in the world! (Anyone who is into music and theatre would LOVE this beautiful place) By the end of our last month our director and his family made us a WHOLE BUFFET with yummy empanadas, asado, media lunas, mate, membrillo and so much more! I am going to miss the food. As SolMates we have even just had lunch/movie dates with our director. And our last activity will be going to Mar de la Plata for our whole weekend Friday through Sunday and then we must part </3 In addition to this my Solmates and I have school and classes together everyday and we’ve also all gone to parks, lunch, we ALL traveled to Chile together outside of scheduled Sol activities. I am so thankful Sol has so much scheduled for us in our semesters abroad especially for people who did not research much about the touristy places that are a must when traveling in a new city.

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