Parks in the City

No matter what city I am in, one of my favorite activities is to spend a lazy afternoon wandering in a park. I love going outside and taking long walks, organizing a picnic, or even just doing my homework at a picnic table. Luckily, Buenos Aires has a huge selection of parks of different types, and I have made it my mission to explore as many as possible during my time here! Although every green space is special in its own way, I have definitely discovered a few favorites.

In my opinion, the best park in the city is the Reserva Ecológica in Puerto Madero. This is a huge park facing the water, with miles of wide paths for hiking, strolling, or biking. The park is quite nice, with tall grass and trees, a beautiful view of nature, and the tall skyline of the city visible in the distance as well. It is easy to spend a whole day there without realizing how quickly the time is passing by! It is also very close to many riverfront restaurants in Puerto Madero, so my recommendation would be to enjoy a relaxing evening trying out one of those afterwards. I was lucky enough to do this on a sunny day with my friend Julius and both of us agree that it was one of our favorite memories of the exchange semester so far!

There are also many parks in Palermo that are great for spending a few hours chilling. The Rosedal is great for Instagram photos- the grass and all the flowers are perfectly arranged and cared for, and there are many pretty white trellises and fountains to pose next to. For running or picnics, any of the surrounding green spaces in the Bosques de Palermo would be a great choice, as would the Parque de los Niños in the suburb of Vicente Lopez. They are full of many athletes, couples, families and children on warm evenings. Many people bring their picnic blankets, dogs, mate thermos, and a frisbee or soccer ball!

For enjoying an hour to myself surrounded by trees, I prefer the Jardín Botánico, because right after entering through the gate, I always feel transported to a tropical jungle. The trees are lush and green, and surround the narrow trails that loop around in circles that are bordered by colorful flowers. Although it is a smaller space, it doesn’t feel like it because it is very easy to get lost or find a peaceful hidden bench! As the weather gets warmer, I hope I can continue to spend more time outside and make some more picnic memories with my friends.

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