Ibiza Vacation

Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Ibiza, Spain. Little did I know how quiet this city is during off-season. My friend Taylor and I arrived around two in the afternoon. We quickly went to the hotel and dropped off our bags, then we set off to go find a restaurant for lunch. This proved to be a difficult task after googling a few places just to walk there and find out it was closed. Eventually we found a German restaurant owned by a nice German native. We ended up staying and talking for hours. That’s one of the best things about spontaneous weekend trips, there are no obligations. Later we went back to the hotel and relaxed. We went out to the beach and talked as we watched the sunset. We fortunately found a restaurant for dinner where we spoke Spanish with some of the locals. It seemed as if we had the island all to ourselves.

We woke up early the next morning and had breakfast at our hotel. Living in Spain and having small breakfasts has taken some adjusting to, but this weekend we had a buffet. It was heaven to say the least. We decided to go to Cala Comte beach which is on the north side of Ibiza. After everything was said and done, it had taken us roughly three hours to get there by bus with a couple of delays. The water was crystal clear with the most beautiful views of rock formations out in the water. I’ve never seen such blue water in my life.

We were out there for about an hour when we saw a boat close to the shore. We could see that there were about five people on it and so Taylor and I decided to be spontaneous. We waved them down and they told us to come aboard. We had to go grab our bags from the beach and then swim out with our belongings above our heads. It proved to be a little difficult keeping my bag above my head with one hand and swimming with the other. Thankfully, a couple of the people from the boat swam out to help us.

We were relieved to get on the boat and catch our breath. The five people on the boat were all British. They were extremely nice and soon we sailed away from that beach. We got a tour of the island and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We learned about Ibiza and enjoyed the afternoon on the water. It pays off to be spontaneous because I don’t think we would have had the chance to watch the sunset on the water like that, let alone with such a fun group of people. It was a very picturesque evening. We headed back to shore and went to a British restaurant and I had my first authentic fish ‘n’ chips. After dinner, Taylor and I headed back to the hotel and bid our new friends adieu.

The next day we enjoyed breakfast as we took in our last morning in Ibiza, looking out over the ocean. We then went out to the pool and relaxed. I jumped in the ocean and pool while Taylor sunbathed and wrote postcards. We then packed everything up in our hotel room and went to get lunch back at the German restaurant. We wanted to say goodbye to our newfound friend. Not long after, we were en route to the mainland. It was an amazing weekend even though the city was empty. We found some real gems in our short two day trip.

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