Mar de Plata

Last weekend, our group of SOLmates took a weekend trip to Mar de Plata, a coastal beach city about 6 hours away from the capital Buenos Aires by car. This trip was one of the most fun excursions we have had so far! We departed on Friday morning from the usual corner intersection where we met up with the director Raul and his wife. After throwing the bags into the backseat and boarding our small bus we were on our way!

After the road trip (which I mostly slept through) we arrived at the hotel. After we had a chance to freshen up, he walked us around the surrounding streets so we could see how to get to the beach, the plaza, and all the shopping on the pedestrian street. Although the weather wasn’t great, some of the girls and I walked around the stalls on the beach and then got delicious ice cream before our group dinner.

The next day after breakfast, we hopped back on the bus so we could drive to the port and see all the boats and sea lions. It was picturesque and amazing! The sea lions were all lying in the sun on the docks near the water as the fisherman went about their daily business. We took a LOT of pictures. Then on the way back to the hotel, Raul pointed out all of the different beaches and boardwalks that we could visit in our free time. That evening I was able to visit the artisan market and buy a very beautiful mate, and then spend the rest of the time chilling on the beach until it became too windy and cold to do anything except return to the hotel.

The last day was Sunday, and although we only had a few hours before starting the journey back to Buenos Aires, we made the most of it! Some of the group went shopping, others to a cafe, and I personally went to the beach and did nothing but lie in the sand and take a nap. Sunday had the best weather and most sunshine of the three days we were in Mar de Plata, so it was the perfect climate to tan and to grab another ice cream right before stepping onto our bus! Overall it was a great trip.

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