Ronda, Málaga: A brilliant day trip

My objective in writing this blog post is to provide a tidbit of insight into my life here in Granada! My hope is that any reader of this can walk away feeling like they have at least one concrete thing to look forward to if they ever decide to study/live in Granada, and like they have the information they need to pursue that experience for themselves when they get here.

Tidbit: Don’t be scared to go on day trips

I took a day trip to Ronda, Málaga, a small (comparatively) city directly west of Granada by roughly three hours by train and two hours by car. The journey there is gorgeous because it takes you through a quintessential Andaluz landscape, which is full of live groves and sparse mountainous shrubbery. Ronda is a mountaintop city known for its Torrero tradition (bullfighting), yemas (small sweet pastries that are ridiculously good), it’s scenic mountain-valley views, and its new/old sections of the city. Most known about Ronda is probably the Puente Nuevo, a breathtaking stone bridge that spans a massive gorge (El Tajo) separating the new and old Rondeño cities.

The takeaway here is that at face value, day trips can seem expensive, laborious to plan, and ultimately not worth the time when comparing the costs to the “potential benefits.” It’s easy to lose sight of the value of the journey while you solidify how you’ll reach the destination. That said, there is something magical about planning something with friends and executing the plan as a group. When you study abroad in Granada, don’t shy away from taking miscellaneous day trips. Acknowledge the boundaries of your comfort zone when you’re at home and then push past them in pursuit of greater experience-based learning and friendships.

Thanks for reading!

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