Coming back home! :D

Dear me,

I am so proud of you now being back home and living the dream you had to study abroad one day. I knew you had been wanting this since your freshman year in college and you finally got your dream, even if it took you until your senior year when you could finally afford it. Now you’re completely broke and saving up to invest on school once again. You learned so much from many different people, cultures, my students and food especially. 

I met so many friends like my sol mates and classmates with so many different perspectives of the world and traveling, but one thing we all had in common was striving to becoming the best versions of ourselves. The main people I will never forget is my director and my host mother whom would always teach us new things, fun facts or even encouraging us to go beyond our dreams and just telling us how far we are going to get in life. Since I got back home in Los Angeles, California I have been spending most of my time with family and my boyfriend, and my friends from school. It was very hard staying away from them for so long, especially my boyfriend. I made them all try Mate, Dulce de Leche` and I even made empanadas de carne picante with churri sauce in the side while sharing my own personal experience abroad especially since my of my friends are first generation like myself whom never been abroad or even traveled! Now, my boyfriend and I love baking Argentina empanadas at home. My first few days back I just spent at home with my loved ones but after mid week I went back to work and even got myself a second job because of how long I had not been working over the semester abroad. Most of my friends from school in Los Angeles are yet to finish this school semester but I am glad to have finished off strong with all A’s in all 6 of my classes I took abroad.

On to your next dream, I believe in you. 

Farewell sol and thank you for the experience.

-Rosa Palma

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