Happy Thanksgiving! It’s my last week in Buenos Aires and I am beyond thankful for all the opportunities and experiences I have had, and all the people I have met. I am really lucky that I got the chance to visit this city!

Firstly, I am thankful for my professors who had unlimited patience and helped me improve my Spanish very quickly in such a short span of time. I really feel like I grew and learned a lot in my school Academia. I am also thankful for my program directors Raul and Beatriz, and my host mom Teresa, who were always quick to help me and guide me if I had any problems.

Secondly, I am thankful for the amazing friends I made! Some through the program (where we refer to our group as SOLmates), others through my school and classes, and others from random events and parties that I attended. Everyone that I met will always be a part of my memories of my time abroad, and I had so much fun going out, having pajama parties, and drinking mate with these amazing people!

Thanksgiving dinner at Raul’s house was one of the last things I did before leaving, and it was delicious. Raul prepared a delicious turkey as well as other traditional American side dishes such as mashed potatoes. After eating, we all started doing karaoke together with Disney songs in both English and Spanish!. It was nice to meet all the SOLmates one last time before I had to say goodbye. The photo above is Rebecca, Luisa, and I taking a selfie before dinner!

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