El Fin De Mi Aventuras Ticas

I’m writing this two days before my departure back to the United States! I want to use this time to reflect on all the different adventures, situations and learning experiences that I have embarked on while here in Heredia, Costa Rica.

Although the program is coming super close to an end and I am a bit bittersweet about the last couple of hours that I have here in Costa Rica, I will not let that stop me from reflecting on how wonderful it has been spending the last three months exploring Costa Rica. I have met so many caring and open-minded individuals who have helped me grow as a person by allowing me to have insightful conversations with them either in our small, student-focused classes or sharing thoughts over dinner. Ticos, has been so welcoming in every single corner of Costa Rica all the way from the sleepy rural townspeople, local artisans, tourism guides and everyone else in between.

I have felt so at home for the last couple of months because of the welcoming environment, living with a fantastic host family and having such a close-knit group of wonderful Sol mates. It is really hard for me that a year ago, I was starting the initial search for a study abroad program since I am an International Studies major with a focus on International Politics & Diplomacy. I looked at so many different programs but I decided to pick Sol because of all the different excursions, the small classes and the component of having a host family. So far I have enjoyed every single moment that I have had here in Costa Rica and I would do it all over again if I could!

Overall, this journey is one that will remain deeply ingrained in my memory and in my heart forever. This incredibly wonderful feeling of knowing that I really was able to be a part of this amazing, surreal experience.

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