Granada: It's all you need while you're here

My objective in writing this blog post is to provide a tidbit of insight into my life here in Granada! My hope is that any reader of this can walk away feeling like they have at least one concrete thing to look forward to if they ever decide to study/live in Granada, and like they have the information they need to pursue that experience for themselves when they get here.

Tidbit: Sierra Nevada magic

Study Abroad culture can sometimes revolve around the following question: “So where did you go this weekend?” Abroad students love to compare trips and travel experiences to those of their peers. Hearing and talking about trips is an important part of bonding with people while you’re away from home, but it can sometimes make you feel like being right where you are, in Granada, isn’t enough. The never-ending comparisons of your travels to those of others can drain the beauty out of everyday life no matter where you are, and I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to go far in order to experience magic in Andalucía, and that growing roots in Granada can be extremely rewarding. When you feel yourself losing interest in staying in Granada because of all you hear about other European countries, gather two close friends and take a trip to the Sierra Nevada mountain range and you’ll realize that Granada has more beauty than most. Below are some photos of of my weekend in the mountains. My hope is that they inspire you to ground down in Granada when you feel the weight of comparison on your shoulders.

Thanks for reading!

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