My Favorite Country-Norway

From the brisk air to the Christmas markets, the fjords and the rich history; Norway was my favorite place that I have visited so far. When I arrived, I went straight to the bay area of Oslo. It is a fjord but it doesn’t have the steep cliffs like some of the ones in the west of Norway. Geologically, a fjord is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by a glacier. I say this because a lot of my friends actually didn’t know what it was. I didn’t have enough time to go to some of the most picturesque fjords but I plan on returning to Norway to live. I loved it that much! The people were so incredibly nice and their sense of humor is very similar to mine. There was a large mix of people as I walked through central Oslo. I heard Spanish, Norwegian, German, and so many others. Everyone spoke English though and it was a nice relief. In other countries, the natives didn’t like to speak English even though they knew it. In Norway, everyone was nice and enthusiastic to use English.

I went to the Christmas market in central Oslo and it was the most beautiful Christmas market I’ve seen. I went up in the ferris wheel to get a better view of the city. I looked out over the ice skating rink and the twinkling lights of the city. I later sat by a fire with others as we enjoyed our Glogg, which is also known as mulled wine. I met some British people there and had a great time talking. We all agreed that Norway is absolutely magical. I’ll share some photos for you all to see.

The next day I set out for the Viking Ship Museum. It was amazing to see how far the artifacts and viking skeletons dated back to. The picture I’ll be attaching is of a man that was killed in battle in 900 AD. You can see where the sword cut his femur, just as was described on his plaque. These ships were excavated from the Norwegian countryside in 1905 and were dated back to 800 AD. The vikings dug deep into the soil and pulled the ships up from the sea, then they buried these ships along with a few tombs inside. You must go and see it!

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