La comida de los Ticos!

I arrived here Thursday and I am in love with the country. I will begin with a food post and share what the normal day looks like in regards to meals. Beans is staple to every dish as well as rice. I have yet to have a meal where both are not present. My host family mother, also called mamá Tica in Costa Rica, has prepared wonderful meals representing the culture of the country. Every meal has been made with love and has been extremely filling! She knows how to cook a great meal! Today was my turn to learn a bit as to how some of these dishes are made!

Costa Ricans have a dish well known to their country called, Gallo Pinto. It is a dish that consists of a mixture of white rice with black beans. There are various other vegetables and some seasonings added in for flavor as well as pico de gallo to top it off.

Gallo pinto con salsa y una tortilla

Today I learned how to cook this said dish along with some various other delicacies. I made my own hand made tortillas for the first time and was also able to enjoy a well known dessert called granizados. In addition, I was able to try a juice made from the fruit known as cas, which is a Costa Rican type of guava, and tortas de platano maduro, which is a torta with ripe plantain.

Pura vida!

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