It’s my last week here and I thought I would share a little bit about all the sightseeing and excursions that are available in this country. Besides just the food, the country itself is also great. There is so much green which is a large contrast to the cement and high rises that surround the city that I live in. Even the major cities here do not have extravagantly large buildings. Here are some of the things I’ve been I able to do and what they were like.

Costa Rica is known for its beaches as many people know. So, I will first share some information about a beach location. I am currently staying in Heredia, whose closest beach is Jaco. It is about a two hour bus ride away from Heredia given there is no traffic. Shown below is the view to expect! It was a beautiful beach and there were rocks everywhere instead of seashells. The water was cool and refreshing and there were mountains all around providing a wonderful view.

Jaco Beach

Another place I liked a lot and would recommend was La Bosque de la Hoja. This was a shorter trip only about a 20 minute drive away from where I am staying in Heredia. This was a beautiful place to go and enjoy nature and take a hike. It cost about 400 colones for students and 800 colones for adults. It is also only open from Friday to Sundays. This place was very family friendly and has various picnic areas, playgrounds, fields to play games, parking, and hiking trails. Below is just a scenic shot of the trees and what to expect while walking around. If you love nature and getting away from the city hustle bustle, this is the place to visit.

Another place I suggest to definitely visit is La Fortuna. This is a gorgeous waterfall in San Carlos where the water is cold and clear. You can swim in the part where the waterfall falls if you want to try it or go further down and swim in the calmer parts. This was a wonderful experience, however, be warned there is a trip down 500 stair steps to get to the waterfall and then to return the same trip must be made! Climb at your own pace.

The last activity that I would like to suggest is ziplining. Our group was able to go with the company Parque Adventura San Luis for a canopy tour. They were very nice people and the lines were all different and provided a surprise every time. It was different from other ziplining places.

Me at ziplining

Hope you can visit this beautiful country as well!

Pura vida!

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