Buenos Aires Semana #1

New sights and experiences

Coming all the way from the frigid winters of Michigan, I wasn’t sure what to expect my first couple days in Argentina besides a lot of sun and time spent outside. Most likely due to my naivety of traveling to a new country alone, I wasn’t very nervous.  

After a long flight and some jet lag, I arrived at my house, and once again, had no idea what to expect. After a much-needed nap, I decided to adventure outside of the house and go for a little walk. I did almost get hit by a car, but survived my first adventure!

My first day of class I hopped on the subte (the metro of Buenos Aires) and hoped for the best! The streets were buzzing and I found my way to a small door on a side street in the middle of the city. My professor, Nicolas, has been incredible. The class is about 6 people right now and he makes us laugh and keeps us entertained the entire day. I’ve enjoyed it a lot so far and am starting to feel more confident in my speaking levels because he makes me feel comfortable and helps me through my stumbles.

After class I adventured back into the city with a new friend I had met in class. We wandered the streets and headed back home for dinner. The most shocking thing to me was that dinner wasn’t until 8:30 or 9 here! It’s definitely taken some getting used to but I am able to do a lot more during the day than if I ate at 5 or 6.

In Argentina, they speak with a different accent than other Spanish speaking countries. Their Ll’s and y’s make a shhh sound and sometimes it’s hard to understand but I’m adjusting. The people here are so friendly and I haven’t had trouble speaking to someone yet. The first time I had to buy something from the drug store; however, was a bit of a struggle! All of the lotions had different names in spanish and I had no idea what to choose! Sure enough, I figured it out and counted it as a win for the day!

In Argentina, they have these parks called Ecoparques where the land is preserved and animals like peacocks run free. I really enjoyed that experience and found another park (parque de Palermo) that I was able to go for a run at. It was super easy to breathe because the parks were filled with trees and the air was so fresh. 

So far I’ve been able to do things like learn how to tango, take a tour of Teatro Colón, visit the church where Pope Francis practiced, and explore the city. On my explorations, I found a giant market in Recoleta with hundreds of vendors and so many cute items for sale. I also found a park with giant pools that were great for relaxing in the heat called Parque Norte (my host mom recommended this to me) My favorite experience so far has been La Boca. The city is full of colors and feels authentic. We were able to tour the Boca Juniors stadium where Maradona once played. I was in awe the entire time.

So far, I have had so much fun and learned so many things!! I hope the trip keeps going well and will catch up next week!

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