Bittersweet Farewell

My roommate Alec and I looked up the top 25 things to do in Buenos Aires. We had done 23 out of the 25 things to do/see here in Buenos Aires. Sol has constantly kept us busy and on our toes, in the most thrilling way possible. It has been one of the most enjoyable trips of my life! 

Disclaimer I’ve only lived on this Earth for 21 years! Not that long, but my joints and bones say otherwise.

Two random things that have happened so far. The people that were in my classes have left. They left this weekend and I got a new roommate who is here on a separate study abroad and trying to learn Spanish. It was sad saying bye to them, but bittersweet to know that I had met them at this point in my life, and that they were the quickest friends I had ever made. I also celebrated my birthday in Buenos Aires. My host mom made it the most memorable because she took me out to dinner to eat milanesas, and then the morning of my actual birthday, she sang and brought my a little slice of fruit with a candle in it. It was the most random and nicest thing to have happened to me. It was great to enjoy it here and receive all my family’s call from this far abroad. 

One of the most notable things we’ve done since last you heard of me was a traditional cooking class. If you didn’t already know, empanadas are very common here in Buenos Aires. Empanadas, or as I like to call them, pockets of deliciousness, are an essential staple food here in the city. You can find them here as much as you can find mac and cheese on any menu back in the states! The food here has been great and the process of learning how to cook empanadas was harder than meets the eye. It’s a basic recipe, almost like making flour tortillas for all my Chicanx people!! 

For our specific recipe, we used about three cups flour, one cup water, and two tablespoons of oil and a little pinch of salt. There was a lot of kneading and because I hadn’t hit the gym in like two weeks, this little exercise left my forearms sore. Funnily enough, I didn’t do all the work, and my friends made fun of me. It was great to laugh and enjoy that time together! We also learned how to fold them “perfectly” and “neatly”, I put those words in quotes because the chef who instructed the class made the empanadas look perfect and neat, but when we did it, we tried our best, but maybe not as well as the chef had done. 

A few other notable things I did was receive my certificate and credit from Elebaires. Elebaires was the Spanish school from which I took my Medical Spanish course and learned the terms we would most likely be hearing while shadowing doctors at the public hospital. This course was taught with great efficiency and success, and the school felt like home (if you guys couldn’t tell, I was very comfortable in the school, comfortable enough to even take a nap (: ). Lastly, a constant mood of 2020 is to simply enjoy the moment and seize the day. This comes from a recent trip I planned in my head while sitting at the hospital I had heard about the falls at Iguazu (which most people say are more impressionable than Niagara falls). Because of this, I asked to take some time off from shadowing, and take my birthday festivities somewhere else, somewhere that would probably take me some time to come back to. This trip should be beautiful and great, although I do have some uneasiness at the unknown. I’ll keep y’all posted with pictures and some words of encouragement for anyone trying to go but not knowing what to expect…  

Once our Spanish course was over, the school asked us to sign the wall

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