The Final Week

This week was a prime example of the saying “time flies when you’re having fun”. I was able to explore the city more on my own and had the time of my life. My favorite part of Buenos Aires has been the beautiful parks.

I stayed in Barrio Palermo for my homestay–an area known for its gorgeous greenery and parks. This weekend, I was able to visit Jardin Japones and El Rosadel. Both are famous gardens in and around Parque 3 de Febrero. Jardin Japones was packed with people admiring the many koi ponds and unique architecture and design of the park and its structures. El Rosadel, on the other hand, was much more serene and full of some of the prettiest roses I have ever seen. Sometimes when you’re in the busy city of Buenos Aires, you just need to stop and smell those roses!!

In the greater area of Parque 3 de Febrero, a path wraps around El Rosedal and a large lake that is home to many native birds and species. I spent a couple of my days riding a bike and rollerblading in this area for hours on end. It was a great work out and very relaxing at the same time. A lot of people go running here or just take a nice stroll. It is also a chill spot to relax under a palm tree in the intense summer heat. I think it may be my new favorite place to enjoy some sun and decompress.

A little bit less calm than these parks, in the heart of the city, is the San Telmo market. Only open on Sunday’s, it stretches all the way down Avenida Defensa and is full of vendors selling anything from bracelets to coin purses shaped like empanadas. I spent hours here with my roommate as we ventured through the entire market. We had some fruit-like helado that may have been my favorite treat so far this trip. It was a beautiful day to explore and experience Buenos Aires.

I leave tomorrow and it truly is crazy how quickly this trip went by! I definitely will reflect more on my long journey home and am so grateful for this incredible opportunity that I was able to experience in such a beautiful and unique place.

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