My First Week in Spain

I arrived in Granada, Spain late January. Immediately, I was introduced to my wonderful host family and their lovable dog, “Chipi”. I share a room with one other study abroad student. Our host mom is the most amazing chef and has shared with us many delicious, traditional dishes.

Our host family has a precious fourteen year old dog named Chipi. However, they usually call him “Gordo”. I quickly learned that gordo doesn’t necessarily mean fat, but rather is a term of endearment.
My new amigo

The streets of Granada are filled with amazing architecture and beautiful designs. My roommate and I wondered around the gorgeous city after arriving. We found lots of cute little stores and fun restaurants that we plan to try out.

Sol Abroad took all of the study abroad students to get “chocolate con churros”.

The food in Spain is amazing. Fast food chains aren’t very popular here as most families cook fresh meals everyday. They also eat at much later times (9:30 is a typical time for dinner!!). I love being able to walk home for lunch with my host family and even having time to take a siesta afterwards.

Every street is a work of art.
I never enjoyed climbing up stairs until now.

Spain’s architecture is stunning. The buildings are works of art. Many Spaniards live in small apartments. Each space has a use. They are also more conservative with their resources. Electricity and water are not to be wasted but instead simply used when needed.

As we were walking through Granada, we came across a group performing flaminco dancing. During this traditional dance, the artists have to work together in order to match their rhythms. The guitarist always has his eyes focused on the fast moving feet of the dancer so that he can match her pace. The result is amazing.
We took a tour of the university buildings where our classes will be held. The architecture and plant life is stunning. Even the views on the walk to school are gorgeous.

Many people ask me, “why do you want to study abroad?” They often view studying abroad as dangerous, expensive, or unnecessary. But for me, studying abroad has always been one of my dreams. Yes it can sound scary at times, but, for me, it would have been even scarier to miss out on such a life changing and mind opening opportunity. Living in another country for months teaches independence, problem solving, and flexibility. It also helps a person not only learn a different language, but also a different culture. Undoubtedly, living in Spain the next four months will challenge me, but vale la pena!

I’m so grateful to be able to have this opportunity. Sol Education Abroad has been amazing in making me feel at home so far away. They also generously gave me a scholarship to help make this dream of mine come true. Additionally, my school back home, Northern Kentucky University, has supported me every step of the way. I’m so thankful to my Honors College, the Study Abroad Office, and the Foreign Language Department for helping me fund my trip and helping me make it happen.

I haven’t been in Spain for very long but I’ve already learned so much. For example, in Spain it’s so easy to walk everywhere and many people don’t own cars. Additionally, in Spain it’s polite to greet and say goodbye to people whenever you enter or leave a place. They also air kiss on the sides of the cheeks when meeting new people for the first time. I’m already in love with this beautiful country and its kind people. I can’t wait to see what else awaits me.

¡Hasta Pronto!

9 thoughts on “My First Week in Spain

  1. Beautiful , I loved your post!! Really glad you’re happy!! How are you doing with the “dancing”? Take care! BIG HUGS!!

    1. Thanks!! Haven’t taken my dance class yet so I’ll let you know how it goes later on with my two left feet! Jaja love you lots

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous. I love the sunny colors, the lemon tree, the pot of chocolate and that checkboard street! What a feast for the eyes. What a wonderful time you are having. Enjoy Chica!

  3. Hi Faustina 🙂 We love that you are comfortable no matter where you are. Kick off your shoes and make yourself at home in Spain. So proud of you!

    1. Dear Faustina,
      Is everything full speed ahead: classes, sight seeing, making friends?
      What new foods have you tried?
      Teach us a Spanish word for the day!
      Love you 💕💕

      1. Everything is muy BIEN!! My classes are all in Spanish and are super interesting. España is gorgeous and the people are friendly. The food is buenísimo, paella is a must have. ♥️♥️

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