Mi Primera Semana en Granada

Living in Spain has been an incredible cultural experience and has caused me to modify a large part of my lifestyle. The food, music, fashion, homes, etc. are all so different from what I am used to back home in America. I can easily say that I had a bit of culture shock after my first few days in this city, but I am slowly adjusting to the Spanish routine a little more each day.

The daily schedule that they follow has been the biggest part of my acclimation. Spaniards have a whole portion of the day set aside for an afternoon nap! The shops, cafés, etc. all close from 2-5pm so that everyone can go home to their families to eat a big lunch, followed by a huge nap. Adults leave their jobs and students leave their schools to meet up at home for these mid-day hours. After 5pm, everyone goes back to their lives until about 9-10pm when the family gathers again for dinner. 

This city is muy bonita! From the walkways to the buildings, every landmark is eye-catching. Each street is filled with vibrant colors and ancient architectural styles. The scenery makes it so easy to go for walks and runs, especially by the river as it stretches all the way toward the Sierra Nevada mountains. Tons of people are active through out the day everywhere in Granada, and the hilly landscape makes it incredibly convenient to stay in shape.

There is so much to do and see in this city and I can’t wait to experience it all over the next three months and share it with you!

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