What to do in Granada

Sol Abroad took my group to a local tetería to try some Morrocan tea. I chose a Pakistani tea with milk. The purple lighting and cushioned seating made for a cost conversation area. I felt like I was in the Aladín movie when they brought out the tea pots. I learned that in Morroca they pour the tea into the glass and then back into the pot until it is cool enough to drink. This way, it also helps the tea mix. Our director told us that drinking hot tea on a hot day is a great way to feel cool. Since the tea raises your internal temperature, when you go outside it actually feels cooler.

These pastries were filled with honey and nuts.

Hiking in Spain is super popular. Granada is so close to the mountains. I went with a group on my first hike here. It was such a great way to see the country from high up and meet people from the area!

On our walk back from the hike we ran across a local fiesta, complete with a matching band. Granada is always filled with music and dancing.

There is a restaurant on every corner in Granada. Some of my favorites include cafe fútbol (famous for their chocolate con churros) and a cute vegan place I found. The best part about eating in Spain is that tax and gratuity are already included in the bill, so you know exactly how much it will cost. Additionally, tapas are wonderful. They’re essentially a free apatizer that come with the purchase of a drink.

Vegan Pad Thai
Tea with a free “tapa”
The most amazing banana chocolate crepe

Ultimately, Granada is filled with awaiting adventures. I’d highly reccomend this city to anyone visiting Spain! Vale?

3 thoughts on “What to do in Granada

  1. You are a terrific tour guide! Keep learning and have FUN.
    We think about you often, and L@@K forward to your postings.

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