Hierve el Agua

This trip gets a post of it’s own because it was BEAUTIFUL.

Hierve el Agua

After about an hour of driving, most of which was up the mountains, this was the first glimpse we got of Hierve el Agua.


Hierve el Agua translates to “boiling water”, which has nothing to do with the actual temperature of the water. Instead, it refers to the bubbles that are released from the springs that make the water look like it is boiling.

Cascada Chica

We learned that there are two “waterfalls” at this location. One is called “cascada chica” and the other “cascada grande”. We dared to hike the trail that took us down near the big waterfall, and back up to the smaller one where we could swim. This hike was no joke, especially in the heat, but we didn’t regret it after we saw the beautiful view.

On our way to Cascada Grande
Climbing up Cascada Grande
Coolest place for roommate selfies
Cascada Grande

This waterfall is formed because the water is oversaturated with minerals like calcium carbonate which hardens and grows over time. This is the only place in the world that is known to have a petrified waterfall such as this.

The Hike Back Up
Pool near the edge of Cascada Chica
Cooling off

When we finally made it back up, we got to cool off by jumping in one of the pools! It was much needed and had a great view of the mountains. Up to this point this has been my favorite trip, and it will be a hard one to beat.

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