Patio del León

Sevilla is a gorgeous city located in southern Spain filled with rich history and culture. My group and I visited the Cathedral, Giralda Tower, the Alcázar, and Las setas de Sevilla. Even after of month of living in Spain, this country never fails to take my breath away with its sights and architecture. We only spent one day in Sevilla, but it would take months to truly explore this city and all its hidden gems.

Plaza de España

Our first stop was the plaza de España. This plaza had a ring of water where you could rent a boat and go around the loop. There was also lots of music being played in every corner by talented individuals. My favorite part was climbing the stairs to the look outs to capture a better view of this space.

Tomb of Christopher Columbus

The tomb of Christopher Columbus is located inside the cathedral of Sevilla, although it is unsure whether or not his remains are actually located here. The four guards represent the four kingdoms of Spain during Columbus’s life.

An alter in the cathedral

This cathedral was HUGE. It was also really, really cold inside. I remember sprinting around, trying to see everything before my fingers froze. There were numerous chapels, artworks, and statures throughout this cathedral. I am always amazed by how one country can have so many ginormous cathedrals. It’s like Oprah giving out cars. Everyone gets one.

View from the Giralda Tower
Entering into the Alcázar

The Alcázar of Sevilla started out as a fort but later became the palace it is today. The king of Spain still stays here when visiting Sevilla. It’s one of the oldest royal palaces in Europe, yet its beauty is everlasting. This palace has undergone numerous additions, each one adding something new.

Patio de las Doncellas
Baños de Doña María de Padilla
Galeria de Grutesco
Scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed here
A look out into the gardens
Jardín de la Danza
Peacocks wonder freely in the gardens
The gardens of the Alcázar
Las Setas de Sevilla

During my only nigh in Sevilla, my friend and I ate dinner under the Setas of Sevilla. These new modern structures are gorgeously lit up at night. However, the locals have mixed feelings about their appearance. Whether they are modern or tacky, either way they create a center of people. Skateboarders are constantly showing off their tricks on a platform under the Setas. Underneath this platform is an array of stores and lots of nearby restaurants.

A local street performer we found