Dos Días En Madrid

Weekend trips are a must while studying abroad! It is so easy to plan a two or three day trip almost anywhere around you. Hop on a bus for a few hours and discover a whole new city. Friday, my friends and I took an amazing weekend trip to Madrid.

We stayed in a hostile about 30 minutes walking distance from the city center. Since we were only there for a short period of time, we decided to visit two of the most well known art museums, El Prado and Reina Sofia. El Prado had incredible pieces by some of the most famous European artists like Goya and Raphael. The floor with Goya’s “Black Paintings” was by far my favorite part of the museum, these pieces were all so different from his previous work as the painting took a mysterious twist from what we were used to seeing in other spots of the gallery. Reina Sofia is a modern art museum that includes the works of one of the most influential artists, Picasso. He has one of his best creations in this building called “Guernica.” We all starred at this oil painting for a good amount of time before heading to El Retiro Park. 

This park is so calm and peaceful, making it easy to spend hours here relaxing. There are a bunch of monuments which lead up the largest monument of Alfonso XII that sits at the edge of the lake, where people sail in little rowboats. Tons of locals and tourists have picnics in this area while they sunbathe and eat gelato! After relaxing for a bit, we walked to The Glass Palace to take pictures and see the astonishing iron architecture. 

Later in the evening, we went to Teatro Kapital to take part in the Spanish nightlife in Madrid. We all had a great time exploring this seven level night club as it played different music throughout each of its floors. Each spot had a new exhilarating vibe which made it exciting to experience the loud music and bright lights in various parts of the club. 

All in all, this little weekend trip turned out to be very successful. We exposed ourselves to so much in such a short amount of time. Planning is key to ensure that you have enough hours to experience everything that you want to do and see in Madrid.  

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