What a beautiful country! Morroco has everything from beaches to mountains. This country is in North Africa, only a boat ride away from Spain. Naturally, I had to see it.

Yes, you can ride camels at the beach

I went through a travel agency to Morroco, there’s so many to choose from and they all offer safe ways to see this country. Morroco is not what one might typically think of when they think of Africa. It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting!! But I think that’s why it’s so important to travel. It opens your eyes and breaks down your preconceived ideas you didn’t even realize were there.

I got to see all kinds of small little shops with everything from turtles and birds to tasty almonds and expensive jewelry. Credit cards aren’t very accepted, but it was easy using an ATM to get some local currency or using my euros when I ran out.

We visited this very tourist city, also called the blue pearl. I instantly understood where the name came from. The people painted all the buildings and houses blue because they thought the color would keep away mosquitoes. I’m not sure if this is accurate or not, but the result is pretty stunning nevertheless.

Morroco definitely opened my eyes to how big the world is. There will always be fears and judgements about other places and peoples, but I want to make up my own mind. It was super cool to see Africa with my own eyes and realize that there are safe ways to not only travel here, but also have an amazing and exciting experience while doing so.

One thought on “Morroco

  1. Cool pictures! Did all those girls on the camels come with you from Spain? How long was the boat trip? Was it a big boat? Tiny boat? It is amazing how they decorate those tall buildings. Plus they all have satellite dishes and TV antennas on the top of them. Is the Mediterranean Sea cold this time of year? Like 50 degrees? Or was this on the Atlantic Ocean?

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