Puerto Escondido

Beach Buddy

We recently spent 3 days at Puerto Escondido, and it was amazing. Swimming in the ocean, drinking cocos frios, and toasting marshmallows on the beach doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

Turtle Sanctuary

On our first night we had the great opportunity to release baby sea turtles into the ocean. We visited a sea turtle sanctuary that helps protect the turtles by collecting and protecting their eggs until they hatch and are old enough to be set free. Unfortunately, only about 1-2% of baby sea turtles avoid getting eaten by predators such as birds before they mature, but sanctuaries such as these raise the odds to 10%.

Surf Lessons

One of the highlights of this trip was taking surf lessons! It was my first time surfing, and even I managed to ride a few waves. I will definitely be surfing again before I leave.

S’mores on the beach

On our second night we toasted marshmallows on the beach before our late night lagoon adventure.

Bioluminescent Lagoon meets Ocean

We went boating on la laguna Manialtepec and got to see a lot of wildlife, especially birds. We went to a point where the beach divided the ocean from the lagoon, seen in the picture. Amazingly enough, this lagoon also has bioluminescent properties that can be seen at night. We boated out on the water during the pitch black hours of the night, aided by the cloud cover, and jumped in the middle of the lagoon. As we moved in the water, it glowed. Where our skin touched the surface of the water, it sparkled and glistened with light. Sadly, this phenomenon cannot be captured with (normal) cameras, but pictures wouldn’t do it justice anyways.

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