Emma–La Alhambra at Last

After many delays, we finally had our tour of the Alhambra palace!!!  Now, the Alhambra isn't really a palace, but rather a mini city enclosed by walls, consisting of beautiful gardens, lots of fountains, several palaces, small city area, and a military fortress.  There is a map below.  I am sorry for all of the … Continue reading Emma–La Alhambra at Last

Emma–Adventure in Amsterdam, and my feelings.

SO. Jana and I spent four nights in Amsterdam this past weekend.  It is such a beautiful city with some pretty interesting history!  We ate our fair share of Dutch pancakes, and spent our share of money..Amsterdam is an expensive city.  It was a great experience.  For those of you who don't know..Amsterdam is a … Continue reading Emma–Adventure in Amsterdam, and my feelings.

Emma–Semana Santa

Hola!! I have two posts to do today, I've been busy!! This one is about Semana Santa, and then I'll do another one about my weekend in Lagos, Portugal.Semana Santa is Holy Week, the week before Easter.  I didn't have classes that week.  There are religious processions that go on throughout the week, so it … Continue reading Emma–Semana Santa