Iguazu Falls

Last weekend I had the chance to get out of the city and go up north to see the famous Iguazu Falls. The trip was amazing and has been my favorite part of the semester so far. Iguazu Falls are located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, and can be viewed from both sides, … Continue reading Iguazu Falls

Universidad de Belgrano

Getting to Universidad de Belgrano, I was so excited to learn about this building, the international students and the classes they had to offer. A fun fact is that this building is right in front of Albert Einstein house! Imagine having to pass by Albert Einstein’s house going to school! Very cool.. I mean casual… … Continue reading Universidad de Belgrano

Differences in the Spanish language between Mexico and Argentina

Coming to Argentina I was so confident in my Spanish speaking skills because everyone knows that I am very fluent, yet coming to Argentina the language itself has cultural differences. In a Native Spanish speaking country the linguistic community such as Mexico and Argentina and many other countries who speech Spanish, there is a heterogeneous … Continue reading Differences in the Spanish language between Mexico and Argentina

One semester at Argentina Intro -Rosa Angela

Libreria El Ateneo, Buenos Aires Leaving behind a family, friends and a life is not simple, especially being the first in your family and from friends who studies abroad. I always take advantage of the different opportunities that my family gave me, being a first generation student and a first generation immigrant, I really see … Continue reading One semester at Argentina Intro -Rosa Angela