Day 32

August 16, 2017 Hola, a todos! I am getting that recovery day I have been desperately needing today, so hopefully I won’t be too tired by the time I get home this weekend! (I will be totally dead tired) We had class this morning. Callie, Leslie, and I had a oral presentation on a literary… Read More Day 32

Day 31

August 15, 2017 It was another day full of adventure! We didn’t have class today because it was Mother’s Day so we took advantage of the day off and set off for Volcán Irazú! We met at the bus stop by the mall at about 6:30 because there is only one bus from San José… Read More Day 31

Day 30

August 14, 2017 Hola, a todos! Today is my last Monday in Costa Rica and I have such mixed feelings! I of course want to come home to those I love, the food I miss, and where I can flush my toilet paper, but I love it here. Today we had class and then met… Read More Day 30

Day 28

August 12, 2017 Hola, a todos! We made it to Playas del Coco pretty late last night, ate a quick dinner, played a few rounds of UNO and then went to bed–because we had a big day today! This morning at 6:30 we left our Air bnb to catch a taxi down the road to… Read More Day 28

Day 27

August 11, 2017 Hola, a todos! Today was a pretty average/boring day, but sometimes you need those to take you to your next adventure! Our next adventure is a weekend in Playas del Coco in Guanacaste to snorkel, enjoy the beach and our final weekend in Costa Rica and to check off the seventh and… Read More Day 27