Day 3

July 18, 2017 Hola, a todos! Today was the second day of class, and well, classes are classes so I’ll skip to the exciting part! Today was our tour of the city of Heredia! My Sol-Mates, directors and I boarded a bus to take us into town. Our first stop was at the market. Here… Read More Day 3

Day 2

July 17, 2017 Hola, a todos! Today was the first day of classes here in Heredia. I started off the day walking to school with my roommates Kailey and Sarah and Oso (or Osito). Osito is an adorable, friendly dog that likes to walk us to the university in the morning. We started off the… Read More Day 2

Day 1

July 16, 2017 Hola, a todos! It was one heck of a first day in Heredia. I woke up this morning and checked out the view from my new home since it was dark when I got in last night–and what a view it is! After getting dressed I met my roomates Kailey and Sarah… Read More Day 1

How lucky!

Two weeks ago I wrote my final blog post before leaving the country, titled “How lucky!” It was a small epiphany before I left the beautiful country of Costa Rica. It’s been a crazy couple weeks adjusting to life back here in the United States, but its been great reconnecting with friends and family. I… Read More How lucky!

Bienvenidos a Nicaragua

Check out the latest story on my personal blog that describes my experiences on an excursion to Granada, Nicaragua. It was an amazing trip with beautiful memories and I hope you enjoy the views in the pictures as much as I did when I was there! Pura Vida! -Tara