This is where I am supposed to be, Granada ~ Summer 2019

By SamK As I begin writing this blog, I am unsure where I need to start when I talk about my experience studying abroad. So, like all great stories, I will start from the beginning! The day before my departure to Spain I was so nervous! I have been to Europe two times before this, … Continue reading This is where I am supposed to be, Granada ~ Summer 2019

Cafés de Granada


Hola a todos!

Finals and the end of the semester are quickly approaching, so in today’s post I’m going to talk about cafés throughout Granada- some with wifi, some with gf treats & others with amazing coffee. Why cafés? They’re great places to study and spend time with friends! If you’re interested in places with wifi or places open on Sundays, look for the bolded terms. Hint hint you’ll probably find me at some of these places during finals week…

  • Dulcimena
    • By far my favorite coffee place! Super rich coffee, kind owner, and away from city center. ⛾ CLM students- it’s in the Realejo barrio on the way to Edificio K 😊
  • Toma Té Pan
    • This is an absolutely adorable café that I have fallen in love with to study and relax. The owner is super nice and the smoothies are delicious, plus, there’s wifi!
  • Dur

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