Are you thinking about joining the Sol Education Abroad team, doing your research and need to know what other students thought first?

Are you a Sol Education Abroad alumni that wishes to leave some feedback about your experience?

One of the best ways to help others have the same amazing experience you did while you were abroad with SOL is to leave a review!

Here are a few sites to read & write student reviews:

“Sol Education Abroad is better than any other program out there. It is a personal experience and you will gain friends that will last a lifetime. SOL cares about you, as a person. It’s not a number game with them, it’s a life changing experience.”
Samantha Johnson (University of Houston – Texas)

“Sol Education Abroad is an amazing program that offers so much for the price. I never once felt like I wasn’t completely taken care of and had the time of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better program and would definitely advise future students to choose this one.” – Meredith Buscher (University of Kentucky – Kentucky)

“It’s 100 times better than the other study abroad programs out there, because you’re in no way just another student. Sol Education Abroad will work with you to make sure you get the classes and experience you want and need. Their program is designed to show you a place in all its richness, all you have to do is show up! ”
Elise Luce (Eckerd College – Florida)

-“I fell in love with my classes and teachers at the University of Granada.The whole Sol Education Abroad team and its director’s will constantly work hard to make sure you get as much as possible out of your trip, as long as you keep an open mind. If you get the chance to go don’t let the opportunity pass you by; it will change your life. ”
Erin Kocurek (University of Houston – Texas)

Sol Education Abroad – student Testimonials
“My experience in Oaxaca taught me so much about my heritage and Spanish. I learned so many things that I know will be beneficial in my career as a Bilingual Education teacher and in my life by teaching me to adapt.”
Cristal Carbajal-Benitez (Texas A&M University – Texas)
“Sol Education Abroad is the best program out there! When speaking with students in other programs, ours clearly was the best and the best price. We got to do a lot more excursions and activities than everyone else but still paid less. Once again I had a great experience!!! Thanks SOL!”
Allison Hradecky (University of Houston – Texas)

1 thought on “Reviews

  1. Sol Education Abroad provided an excellent program for me to learn spanish and explore Mexico. While abroad I was given opportunities to teach, be taught, and explore Oaxaca like I never would have with another program. I will definitely be using Sol Abroad again!

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