A Step Closer to Happiness

After stuffing my last pair of shoes into my over-packed suitcase, I stared out of my bedroom window and listened to a local sell fruit to a few neighborhood kids. I smiled. My flight itinerary is lying on my desk and the wind is trying its hardest to blow it onto the floor. Tomorrow evening I'll be leaving Costa Rica. … Continue reading A Step Closer to Happiness

SOL voted the 2014 Top Study Abroad Program in the US

Sol Education Abroad is honored to be ranked the #1 "Top Study Abroad Provider" in the 2014 Study Abroad Rankings just released by Abroad101 and StudentUniverse. SOL's Costa Rica program was ranked #1 in the "Top Study Abroad Programs" category. Upon hearing the news, SOL founders Brent Hunter & Esteban Lardone said, "When we started … Continue reading SOL voted the 2014 Top Study Abroad Program in the US

10,000 Miles away!

It wasn’t easy but I got here in the end. As I arrived late night on 17th Jan after a grueling 33 hour long flight, the feeling hadn’t really sunk in that I had flown to almost the opposite corner of the world for a semester in Costa Rica. There were so many questions popping in … Continue reading 10,000 Miles away!

Costa Rica es Paz Amor Alegria y Vida!

Ah! Its only day 2 and I have learned so much! Before I get to the amazing excursion I went on, let's cover el dia de primero! On the first day, I arrived in Costa Rica around 12 PM and in that short amount of time from the airport upon meeting my host family, I … Continue reading Costa Rica es Paz Amor Alegria y Vida!

There’s No Place Like Home

[Disclaimer on title worth booing: Kansans are allowed only a certain number of Wizard of Oz jokes in a lifetime and I've probably already almost exhausted my allowance at age 20.] I'm sitting on the couch in the basement of the house I grew up in watching Law & Order with one puppy asleep on … Continue reading There’s No Place Like Home