This is where I am supposed to be, Granada ~ Summer 2019

By SamK As I begin writing this blog, I am unsure where I need to start when I talk about my experience studying abroad. So, like all great stories, I will start from the beginning! The day before my departure to Spain I was so nervous! I have been to Europe two times before this, … Continue reading This is where I am supposed to be, Granada ~ Summer 2019

Excursions with Sol – Tours and Tapas

As a part of the Sol program, we do a weekly guided cultural activity with our program director, German, and the rest of the students in the program (roughly twenty). For the first week, German took us around El Realejo. El Realejo is the barrio (neighborhood) around our school CLM. Realejo translates to royalty in … Continue reading Excursions with Sol – Tours and Tapas

Experiencing and Analyzing Cultural Differences

A post from Sept. 2 on my personal blog... Today was my first day of Spanish Intensive Classes, and I loved them! My professors, Africa and Fermin, are both wonderful and hilarious. Fermin explained today the phenomenon that is that Andalucians "eat " their words. It is so true- this form of Spanish is beautiful … Continue reading Experiencing and Analyzing Cultural Differences

Los Cahorros- Sol Excursion!

This past Saturday, my SolMates and I embarked on one of our many provided excursions- Los Cahorros. A public bus picked us up in Granada, and the ride was less than 30 minutes! The hike begins in a small pueblo outside of Granada called Monachil. It is beautiful as it is situated in the Sierra … Continue reading Los Cahorros- Sol Excursion!

Bienvenidos a Granada!

Today marks the two-week mark that I have been in this wonderful city of Granada, Spain. To open, it is absolutely breathtaking. Granada is located in the south of Spain in the province of Andalusia. Nearly every building is a testament to the richness of culture and history that has taken place here. The architecture … Continue reading Bienvenidos a Granada!