Better than I’d imagined

Wow oh wow, I am so excited to write this. My host family is so much more interesting and cool than I ever imagined. My host parents  and I talked for close to an hour about various political topics like the military industrial complex, immigration, the US prison population and exportation of capitalist lifestyles from the … Continue reading Better than I’d imagined

Costa Rica es Paz Amor Alegria y Vida!

Ah! Its only day 2 and I have learned so much! Before I get to the amazing excursion I went on, let's cover el dia de primero! On the first day, I arrived in Costa Rica around 12 PM and in that short amount of time from the airport upon meeting my host family, I … Continue reading Costa Rica es Paz Amor Alegria y Vida!

Studying Abroad According to Jim Carrey

I never thought I would say that I've taken life lessons from Jim Carrey, but here I am on my last day in Costa Rica, and that's really all that's coming to mind. I never really got homesick, I'm not sad to leave yet, but I'm just really dreading packing so I've been procrastinating by … Continue reading Studying Abroad According to Jim Carrey

Travel Review: Montezuma, Costa Rica

One of my favorite parts about studying abroad with Sol has been the freedom to travel on my own on weekends. Having a few planned excursions was great, and I probably wouldn't have been brave enough to go anywhere on my own the first few weeks, but I've learned and experienced more in the weekends that … Continue reading Travel Review: Montezuma, Costa Rica