Travel Review: Montezuma, Costa Rica

One of my favorite parts about studying abroad with Sol has been the freedom to travel on my own on weekends. Having a few planned excursions was great, and I probably wouldn't have been brave enough to go anywhere on my own the first few weeks, but I've learned and experienced more in the weekends that … Continue reading Travel Review: Montezuma, Costa Rica

Emma–Enjoying the Weather

So, this has been a pretty eventful week! On Tuesday, I went horseback riding with my program.  It was pretty fun, nothing super exciting but relaxing and enjoyable at the same time.     The horse I rode, named Chocolate, who had to eat everything in site..These are just some pictures from around Granada; the weather was absolutely … Continue reading Emma–Enjoying the Weather

Emma–Where has the time gone? (March 15thish)

So, I have had quite a couple of weeks!  After Cadiz, I got sick, imagine that!  That was super fun....Then, that Saturday, our program went on a hike into some of the pueblos (small towns/villages) near the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  I have quite a few pictures of that!! It was really fun, and absolutely beautiful! … Continue reading Emma–Where has the time gone? (March 15thish)