Tips for Learning Spanish

I came to Mexico with almost zero Spanish speaking ability.  Today marks my fifth week and I wanted to share some tips for learning Spanish. If you have any good tips for learning Spanish please comment with your advice at the bottom of this post! 1. Study Daily - Learning a language requires daily attention.  … Continue reading Tips for Learning Spanish

Davis Craig's house in Mexico

My House in Oaxaca, Mexico

In this post I will take you on a visual tour of my house in Oaxaca, Mexico.  My host mom and dad are both architects so if you think this house is well designed and decorated all the credit goes to them. Entering my house My house in Oaxaca is small, simple, and has everything I need.  I absolutely love … Continue reading My House in Oaxaca, Mexico

Must See Destinations in Mexico: Hierve el Agua & Tule Tree

Today I went on a trip to Hierve el Agua and El Tule Tree.  Hierve el Agua is a collection of natural springs near Oaxaca that continually bubble like a hot tub.  Although the water is cold Hierve el Agua is called “the boiling water” because the pools boil like giant hot tubs.  So cool… The springs are … Continue reading Must See Destinations in Mexico: Hierve el Agua & Tule Tree